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The Little Gym of Meridian

Written by Kathryn Mavromichalis, The Little Gym Meridian Owner

At The Little Gym of Meridian, we believe in the transformative power of movement, laughter, and discovery. From the tiniest tots to energetic pre-teens, our classes are designed to spark joy, build confidence, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. Join us on a journey through our diverse range of programs, tailored to every age and stage of childhood development. 🌟🤸‍♂️

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Our Classes:

Parent/Child Classes (Ages 4 months - 3 years):

Our Parent/Child classes are a magical bonding experience for caregivers and their little ones, aged 4 months to 3 years. Through interactive play, sensory exploration, and gentle guidance, these classes foster early development and strengthen the parent-child connection. From tummy time to toddler tumbling, each session is filled with laughter, learning, and precious moments shared between parent and child. 👶👩‍👧‍👦

Bugs (4 - 10 months): Gentle movement, sensory experiences, and parent bonding.

Birds (10 - 19 months): Crawling, cruising, and early explorations of movement.

Beasts /Super Beasts (19 months - 3 years): Developing coordination, balance, and social skills through play.

Sporty Beasts (19 months - 3 years): Discovering new athletic skills, agility, and teamwork while exploring a variety of sports! (Including soccer, basketball, and gymnastics)

baby in red shirt and black shorts holding onto a gymnastics bar with bearded man holding his hips

Pre-K Gymnastics (Ages 3 - 5 years):

For our youngest gymnasts, aged 3 to 5 years, our Pre-K Gymnastics classes offer a world of excitement and exploration. Led by enthusiastic instructors, these classes introduce children to basic gymnastics skills in a safe and supportive environment. From balance beams to bars, preschoolers build strength, coordination, and confidence as they conquer new challenges and celebrate their achievements. 🤸‍♀️🎈

Funny Bugs (3 years): Introduction to basic gymnastics skills, focusing on coordination and body awareness.

Giggle Worms (4 years): Building on foundational skills, including forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.

Good Friends (5 years): Developing more advanced gymnastics skills, including round-offs, back handsprings, and beam routines. (But also modifying, when needed)

Grade School Gymnastics (Ages 6 - 12 years):

Our Grade School Gymnastics classes are designed to take older children, aged 6 to 12 years, on a thrilling journey of gymnastic discovery. Whether they're beginners or budding champions, these classes offer a progressive curriculum that challenges and inspires young athletes to reach their full potential. From cartwheels to flips, children build strength, flexibility, and resilience as they master new skills and build lifelong friendships. 🏅💪

At The Little Gym, every class is more than just a lesson – it's an adventure filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities. So whether your child is taking their first steps or dreaming of Olympic gold, come join us and discover the magic of movement at The Little Gym Meridian. Together, let's create memories that last a lifetime. 🌈😊

Call, text, or email today to schedule your FREE introduction visit and stop by our upcoming Grand Opening Celebration on April 20th from 10AM-1PM. There will be sweet treats, a coffee truck, Crepes from Le Crepe, and protein shakes from Mixed Up Nutrition. Everyone is welcome to come check out the space and meet the instructors! The Founders rate includes a FREE introduction class as well as a waived enrollment fee. Discounts are offered for siblings! 

The Little Gym of Meridian Details:

Contact: / 208-871-5231 (call or text)

Check the class schedule here.

Pricing: Free introduction class! $0 enrollment fee! Call OR text (208-871-5213) for rates and class times depending on your need and see pricing here:

Other Services: 

Parent Survival Night and Camps (Ages 3 - 12 years):

In addition to our regular class offerings, we understand the importance of providing parents with much-needed breaks and children with extra opportunities for fun. Our Parent Survival Nights offer an evening of supervised play, games, and activities, giving parents a chance to unwind while their little ones make new friends and create lasting memories. And during school breaks and holidays, our themed camps keep the excitement alive with special adventures and themed activities. 🌙🏕️

(*Must be potty independent!) 

Birthday Parties (Ages up to 12)

With us, birthdays are a blast! 🎉 We take the stress out of party planning and give your child an unforgettable celebration filled with fun, laughter, and non-stop action.

What Makes a Little Gym Birthday Party Special?

  • Personalized Themes

  • Action-Packed Activities

  • Professional Instruction

  • Stress-Free Planning

Let us help you create a stress-free, turn key, birthday blast that your little one won’t forget!

The Little Gym of Meridian is very excited to add another location to the valley.  Though the Eagle and Meridian locations are separate owners, they are excited to build a Seriously Fun community of confident and empowered kids!  

About the Owners:

William and Kathryn fell in love with The Little Gym after taking their daughter to a Beast/Super Beasts class. They had the opportunity to open a location up in Meridian and couldn't be more thrilled. Kathryn is a 6th Generation Idahoan (and proud of it)! William bleeds ORANGE and BLUE being a former Bronco and when we aren’t chasing our two girls (Mila and Viola) around, you can find us camping, playing in rec leagues, or finding somewhere fun to travel to.


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