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15 Local Mother's Day Gift Ideas (2024)

It's gonna be MAY which means Mother's Day is just around the corner. Since the majority of the Boise With Kids audience are moms and 100% of our audience has at least one mom to love on this Mother's Day, I thought I'd throw together a list of our top 15 local Mother's Day gift ideas.

collage of photos and text saying 15 local gift ideas for all the moms in your life

Here goes (in no particular order)...


I know this seems ridiculous but every Mother's Day I ask for 3 things - steak, whiskey and a family bike ride. Thomas Cattle Company is hands down my favorite when it comes to steak. We love being one of their Ranch Club members where we get their high quality beef delivered to our doorstep on a regular basis. You can also grab some at the Boise Co-Op! And their beef jerky is legit the best I've ever had. I can't get enough! Oh! And they have a really great Mother's Day gift bundle that's just perfect. Check it out here!

Skin Owl

Wanna pamper Mom? You can get some incredible skincare products from Skin Owl but also schedule a pamper session with them (where you can deep dive into your skin's health) and they now offer a color analysis (learning your custom color palette and how it relates to makeup and clothes) - something I've been dying to do! Any/all of the above or a gift card would be a dreamy, thoughtful gift.


Oh man... a massage is always high on my wish list. Kaneh Massage & Co in Boise (near the Target off of Milwaukee) is the most incredible massage experience I've ever had. 100/10 recommend! They also offer facials, infrared sauna sessions, cold plunges and more!

Idaho Apparel

We love anything Idaho themed and most definitely love Idaho + Mom apparel. Check out Tatorjo Idaho Apparel's adorable new Idaho Mama shirt. I want it in every color! When I wear my Idaho Mama shirt from 208 Supply Co I get lots of compliments and bonus - they have grandma ones too!

House Cleaning

I don't know a single mom who wouldn't love a little help around the house. Shine Bright Cleaning is my go-to recommendation and they're offering BWK followers a free hour with code BWKFREE. How about a carpet cleaning? We've been inside all winter, it's time to freshen things up. You gotta give my friend Billy, the Carpet Detective a call and get on his schedule. He's the nicest guy in the world and does an incredible job cleaning floors, carpets, furniture and more!

*GOOD * Coffee

I'm a coffee snob and "good" coffee is my love language. I've written about it many times before so check out this post for some of my faves. (My current faves are Push + Pour, Slow by Slow, Broadcast and Form + Function). I also have a list of coffee shops near parks/playgrounds for a great Mother's Day outing with the fam! Read that here.

Health + Wellness

I finally am putting my health and wellness on the "front burner" again after years and years of putting it on the back burner. I'm super excited to be starting Foundation Functional Medicine + Aesthetics' 12 week health coaching program called BUILD. I'm just starting but am already reaping the benefits. I appreciate their focus on the WHOLE person and how things like stress and sleep affect our bodies and not just focusing on my diet and exercise alone. I've also been on a journey of healing my diastasis recti (thank you giant babies) and have been working with the team at Active Chiropractic Meridian and using their Allcore 360 machine to get that in better working order. It's definitely working and I'm so thankful I found it!

Baked Goods

My personal top three spots for a sweet treat are Certified Kitchen + Bakery, Janjou Patisserie, and Sunshine Spice Cafe. They're all so intentionally and beautifully made and are to diiiiiiiie for. Oh my gosh I'm so hungry just thinking about them...

Flowers + Plants

Flowers are an obvious gift but I'm not complaining. To be honest my favorite, most affordable bouquets are from Trader Joes but if you wanna step up your flower gifting game then I recommend checking out Wildflower Floral and Flowersmith Gardens. For plants, shop at the new Victory Gardens Nursery, Edwards Greenhouse or North End Organic Nursery.

A meal they don't have to cook OR CLEAN UP

Check our our Family Friendly Restaurants Guide for our go-to recommendations for dining out with kids. If you're looking for an adults only dinner recommendation, shoot me an email or a DM! I've got lots!


I've been a "member" at Bubbly Facial Bar for months now and it's such a treat. It's so affordable, relaxing and good for my skin. I've had the best experiences with many of their estheticians and love their approachable feel. Get a gift card or get an appointment on your mom's calendar!


No... not a heart necklace from Kay Jewelers. I don't even wear much jewelry but I've loved seeing so many of my friends adorn pieces from local Eight Five One Jewelry. Pieces are unique, well made and just stunning. Stop by in person and shop their store in Hyde Park!

Help with House Projects

House projects are just so fun... until they're not. HGTV makes it all look so easy, amirite? For anything on your to-do list I can't recommend Aaron of Handy Daddy Creations more. He's so kind and capable and can do anything from hang frames or install a new light fixture to installing barn doors and accent walls. Need help getting your life more organized? Tidy Style is your answer. From junk drawers to garages, kitchens to closets, they do it all and so so well.

Car Clean

Moms practically live out of their cars running kids to and from all.the.things and they're getting nasty. Even if you keep your vehicles maintained and somehow don't have wrappers and Goldfish crackers in your seats, you should still consider a detail from The 208 Detailers. A few months ago I spilled two lattes in my van and I can't tell you how many HOURS I spent trying to get it up and out of our carpets. Getting a good, deep clean is no easy feat. On top of that, taking good care of it so that it lasts as long as possible is often not on the top of our to-do list. Schedule an appointment (they come to you!) or grab a gift card (and thank me later for the idea).

Event Tickets

The Treasure Valley offers so many amazing opportunities to experience art, music and theater. There are some exciting opportunities headed our way at the Morrison Center, Outlaw Field, Ford Idaho Center, Idaho Shakespeare Festival and this year's State Fair (just to name a few). Do a little Googling and find a fun concert, play, show or other fun event that will keep the celebrating going past Mother's Day.

Alright... what do you think? What did I miss? Moms - Which of these will you be sending your kids/husband to consider for yourself? Which of these will you be giving the wonderful mom(s) in your life? Whatever you decide, thanks for keeping it local and for loving on the special moms in your life - both are incredibly impactful, important and welcomed!


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