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Idaho Gives 2022

Written by Kevin Bailey, Idaho Nonprofit Center CEO

As I sat with my team making final preparations for this year’s Idaho Gives, organized statewide by the Idaho Nonprofit Center, I couldn’t help but reflect on how fulfilling philanthropy can be for an individual.

I would argue that humans give because we need to. To give is, in a way, a spiritual act that makes us whole. It helps to transform both our life and the life of the recipient. Maya Angelou described it perfectly: “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

This concept was presented to me during a fundraising course, and it struck me as both novel and radical. I had always assumed that the primary drivers of giving must be inherently self-serving – a tax break, for example. Although those type of incentives do matter, giving is about touching something outside ourselves.

Individual giving accounts for more than two-thirds of all charitable giving, according to Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy, completely dwarfing donations from foundations (19% of all giving), giving by bequest (9%), and giving by corporations (4%).

The importance that individual donors will play during Idaho Gives 2022 and in shaping the outcomes for local nonprofits cannot be overstated. Idaho runs on nonprofits.

In a small government state, it’s nonprofits that make our communities healthy, vibrant, wonderful places to call home. If we care about the quality of life in our local communities, then we need to care about the health and financial success of our local nonprofits.

So as Idaho Gives takes place on May 2 – 5, I invite you to join thousands of your fellow Idahoans and visit to make financial gifts to the causes you care about.

We give because it transforms us. Idaho gives because it’s who we are.


How can families get involved?

Click here to browse the Idaho Gives website and find a nonprofit or two that you and your family can support. Consider involving your kids and letting them learn about and choose a nonprofit or two to support. Start 'em young!

Take part in the fun Idaho Gives events happening around the whole state this week. There are some really exciting and creative fundraisers - just go look through the events calendar! Nonprofits are celebrating with everything from discounts on coffee to free professional photos, discounted happy hours to author signings and more. They're really making it both enjoyable and easy to donate and get involved.

Our family will be at the BFF Block Party on Thursday, May 5th - join us! Click the image below for details! LOTS of nonprofits will be present for this all-ages block party event featuring food trucks, live performances and more.

What nonprofits will your family be supporting during this year's Idaho Gives?

Tell us about them!


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