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Trail Tuesday: Wilson Creek Trails (Melba, ID)

Written by Holly of All Weather Adventuring

It has been so fun to highlight some of our family's favorite trails in the area for this Trail Tuesday series! This will be our last feature of the month but we will pick back up again in the Spring. There's still so many fun, family-friendly trails to share! We are also hoping to get some hiking meet ups going so stay tuned for that!

NOTE: While I am a big proponent of getting outside in all kinds of weather, please always be aware of the importance of staying off muddy trails. Check out the Ridge to Rivers website for trail updates and important info!

Today I am highlighting the Wilson Creek Trails out in Melba. It is about a 45 minute drive from Boise, so a lot closer for those who live in Nampa or Kuna. This is a great all-weather trail, as it is very sandy and rocky. We love going here in the winter when the rest of the trails are too muddy to use.

Getting there:

-Look up Wilson Creek Trails in Melba and Google maps should take you right to it. There is a parking lot on the left when you get there but we usually park at the parking lot just a bit further up the road on the right.

-There is a pit latrine bathroom at this parking area.

The hike:

-about 1.5 miles

-246 feet elevation gain

-Out and back trail (not a loop)

-From the parking lot, cross Wilson Creek Road (the dirt road you drove in on) and follow the trail.

-The trail immediately starts climbing and it's really steep, so take lots of breaks!

PRO TIP: If your kids are struggling, encourage them by telling them how fun it will be to climb on all the rocks at the top. My kids usually go off trail on the way up and climb on the rocks to the right of the trail/meander their way up to the top.

-Follow the trail for about 3/4 of a mile before it dead ends and you will turn around.

-The beauty of this area is that it is covered in fun rocks to climb and explore. My kids always have a blast here and it feels less like a hike and more like an exploring day so they are always excited when we take them here! We let them run free and wild and they love it!

-The area of Wilson Creek is popular with mountain bikers, but this section of trail isn't highly trafficked at all. We rarely see anyone when we go!

Always remember to leave no trace when out exploring these amazing places! Here is a link to the National Park service so you can teach these principles to your kids.

I also have a Leave No Trace sheet on the Adventure Guide Kit that I sell which is a great (and fun) way to teach them!

Feel free to tag both @allweatheradventuring and @boisewithkids when you check out these trails. We love seeing the adventures we help inspire you to take! And as always, reach out with any questions!

Happy hiking!



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