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Real Life in Boise With Kids: The Campbells

Updated: May 10, 2022

"Real Life in Boise With Kids" - a weekly series where Boise With Kids will feature real, relatable, normal parents doing awesome things across the Treasure Valley. It'll be a space where local parents can share about their passions and give real, honest, tried and true feedback and tips for living their "best (family) life" in Boise. Hopefully it'll give you a chance to learn more about our community, inspire you to try out new places and activities, and get hooked up with pertinent, useful stuff that will help you and your family to thrive in Boise.

Get ready to meet the "Real Parents of the Treasure Valley" - 😜

If you'd like to share about yourself and be featured in this new series email Becca at We can't wait to learn more about you!


Meet Jason, Sarah, Jack(5) and Carl (7):

We love cooking, exercising and laughing together. We moved to Boise from Northern California and immediately fell in love. We have always loved food, wine, and sharing great times at the table. When our oldest son became old enough for solid foods something clicked, making and enjoying meals as a family became our greatest joy in life. Now as a family of 4, our boys love helping us plan and create dishes in the kitchen.

We started You Do the Dishes, a weekly newsletter, to share our experience and our joy for making great meals, finding great deals and having more free time to do all the other things that make life great in the Treasure Valley. We hope you'll subscribe! You can also follow us on Instagram @udodishes.

Local Family Favorites:

YMCA: We love them all! Swimming? It's all about the Meridian Y. Rock climbing? West Boise for sure. The Downtown Y is our home base and they run all of the sports, programs etc.

The BAR (Boise Area Runners): A very large, local run community. The boys bike while we run. They have a great page.

Favorite Family-Friendly Places to Eat:

Edge Brewing (amazing kid's plate!)

Best Park/Playground:

Best Part of Life in Boise with Kids:

All the amazing outdoor, and mostly free recreation! We also love all of the kind, welcoming people that our home is famous for.

Best “parenting hack”:

Our little guys tend to forget about every toy they own within a week or two, regardless of how amazing or expensive. We always save the boxes and when they're especially bored we cut them/tape them/color them into forts and ninja armor among other things. They love re-purposed garbage just as much as flashy toys and the experience of creating is the best part.


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