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This Boise Mama Needs *GOOD* Coffee

Updated: May 10, 2022

We've all seen the shirts, the coffee mugs, the hashtags... things like "Mama Needs Coffee," "Mom Fuel," "May your coffee be stronger than your toddler" and so on. Clearly I'm not alone in my deep, deep love for coffee. But I'm also a self proclaimed "coffee snob." I'm not a fan of Starbucks, have yet to find a Keurig pod that I like and I "home brew" a pour-over each morning with freshly ground local beans from Form & Function. (It’s okay… I’m rolling my eyes at myself, too.)

Luckily, Boise has so many awesome coffee shop options that getting my coffee fix doesn't mean settling for something mediocre.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorites spots - some are more for the "vibe" and others for the "coffee snob approved" coffee. ;)

I mean seriously... just look at their Instagram feeds and try not to drool. They're all so fun and eclectic and their coffee is second to none.

-There's so much to love about Push + Pour! We end up here A LOT because of it's super close proximity to the Greenbelt. It's sort of become a weekend ritual to grab a coffee then do a walking loop with the dog and/or kids. I love love love the little outside patio and there's just something great about spots with a big garage door wall, ya know? It was also voted "Boise's Favorite" in the Idaho Statesman.

-If you're a self proclaimed coffee snob like me then you'll love Form + Function. They roast their own beans and they're each so packed with flavor. We take part in their subscription service and get freshly roasted beans sent to our house every 2 weeks. The shop itself has a really cool minimalist vibe with a super basic menu that shines the spotlight on the coffee and NOT overly sugary "frou frou" drinks. If you're looking for a "frappuccino" this is NOT the place to go.

-I've been to both locations and really do love them both. You can tell they take their coffee seriously which I appreciate immensely. The location off of Overland has a giant case of freshly baked pastries and tons of space to sit. It was packed when I went on a Wednesday morning around 11 and I hear the weekends are POPPIN. The location off of Stewart is really, really cool inside and has gloriously big windows. When I was there for the first time hanging out with a friend and my 1 year old, we snagged a spot on a big comfy couch and the warmth of the sun beaming through the big windows was just the best way to enjoy their bourbon caramel latte.

-Not gonna lie... I still don't know for sure how to pronounce it. But it doesn't stop us from going there! The "vibe" in the shop off of State Street is super cool and eclectic. I love the outdoor-ish patio space or sitting at the bar to work on my laptop. My husband is there regularly for work/coffee meetings!

-Their website says it perfectly. "The coffeeshop is renowned in the local community for its quirky furnishings, eclectic crowd, high quality coffee, and unique Gift Shack." When you go, look for the Color Boise coloring book for an awesome gift for your kiddos (or yourself)! You will NOT be disappointed with your coffee order or any of their delicious baked goods!

-One of the things I love most about Hyde Perk is the cute little kid area in the back corner. They have a chalkboard and kids' chairs to keep your littles occupied while you drink your hot coffee. We're also just total suckers for the entire Hyde Park area and all of the establishments on it so I just couldn't leave it off my list. Plus, with a saying like "A coffee house where customers become family over a cup of coffee" - how can you not love it?

Where do you love to go? I know there are SO many other great options and can't wait to continue trying them ALL. If you're looking for other top rated spots I'd highly recommend starting here.

Let me know if you ever wanna meet up for *GOOD* coffee and I'll be there! ☕️☕


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