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Freak Alley Art Gallery With Kids

Updated: May 10, 2022

I really truly love our downtown. I feel like it's the perfect size and has everything I'd want. We usually end up in the area whenever we have visitors or whenever we get a parents' night out! One of the spots we always visit is Freak Alley. It's one of the spots we visited on our first trip to Boise and it's been fun to take pictures of our boys in the same spots each time we go back. See below for our go-to photo ops!

We often wander down the alley from off of 8th Street but it goes between 8th and 9th and Bannock and Idaho Streets.

From what I've read it sounds like it is all totally voluntary and that each year they add new art. I hope it sticks around forever and that someday our kids will be able to contribute their art! How cool would that be?!

This last time we went we decided to take pictures at all of the most "interactive" spots and thought it would be fun to create a little scavenger hunt for you to do with your kids! Can you find and copy all of our spots?

Download our list here and head over to Freak Alley for some fun!

Freak Alley With Kids Interactive Scavenger Hunt
Download PDF • 12.05MB

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Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell
Mar 23, 2022

The way little bro looks up at big bro 🥰

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