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7 Reasons Hosting an Au Pair Makes Your Summer (and Fall) a Breeze!

Written by Au Pair in America for Boise With Kids

Things are finally starting to warm up in Boise, and it has parents thinking spring… and summer! What’s your plan for summer child care and beyond? Finding a child care solution that works for your family’s needs can be tricky, but good news… hosting an au pair can help. Did you know? We have the nation’s first au pair program, Au Pair in America, right here in Boise!

Let’s start with the basics… Au pairs are young people, ages 18 to 26 from around the world, who travel to the U.S. on the Exchange Visitor Program for a unique cultural exchange experience. For over 30 years, these visitors have been coming to the US to acquire a better understanding and appreciation of American life while living with an American host family and caring for their children for up to 45 hours per week.

Which au pair agency do Treasure Valley families choose? Recently named “Best Overall Agency” by Verywell Family, Au Pair in America is a great option for Boise families.

Here are 7 – of many! – reasons that Boise families love hosting au pairs with Au Pair in America:

1. Assistance Finding Your Au Pair:

Au Pair in America is committed to helping you find the best au pair to meet your family’s unique preferences and child care needs. A member of the APIA Placement Team works with you throughout the search and match process, getting to know you personally, and providing support every step of the way.

2. Local Support from Start to Finish:

Au Pair in America provides the best local support in the business to help Boise families welcome an au pair. And the support doesn’t stop there - APIA’s local support is with you throughout your entire match.

The agency’s Boise representative, Alejandra Alvarado, brings a unique perspective to her work. As a former au pair herself, Alejandra is passionate about the benefits of cultural exchange and the positive impact it can have on both the au pair and the host family.” Alejandra says, “The Au Pair in America program is a unique opportunity for families to create lasting bonds that transcend borders."

3. Flexibility

Your au pair’s customizable schedule helps families deal with variable schedules as well as evening and weekend hours. With up to 45 hours per week and 10 hours per day of flexible child care assistance, an au pair can give you extra peace of mind for handling “life’s little surprises”. Hosting an au pair means busy weeks full of after school activities, unexpected school closings, and sick days are much less stressful.

Take it from our host families. One APIA host mom says – “Au Pair in America has given us great flexibility and peace-of-mind that we have a trusted person available to provide continuity of care as well as ’emergencies’ caused by last minute changes in schedules, school closings, etc.”

4. Cultural exchange

Cultural exchange is the beating heart of the APIA program. Sharing customs and traditions, learning a new language, and reinforcing bilingualism are great ways to broaden your child’s knowledge and to enrich your whole family’s cultural understanding. Au pairs love sharing cuisine, celebrations, language and other traditions from their home countries.

5. Availability

Finding child care options is a challenge for today’s parent. Child care center wait lists get longer and longer, and finding a qualified nanny or babysitter is difficult. With Au Pair in America, you’ll have access to the largest pool of au pairs in the business. Au Pair in America helps families welcome au pairs from over 50 countries around the world!

6. Extensive screening and training program

One of the first questions new host families ask – how are au pairs screened and trained? Every APIA au pair must have at least 200 hours of recent, relevant child care experience. Before entering the APIA au pair applicant pool, every candidate must also pass a rigorous screening process and background check.

Before arriving to the U.S., every Au Pair in America au pair completes a comprehensive orientation program that includes child development training, child safety training, and customized American Red Cross training (exclusive to Au Pair in America). 

7. Local fun in the sun

Your APIA au pair will help fill your children’s summer schedule with all the fun activities that Boise has to offer. Days spent enjoying Zoo Boise, beating the heat at The Children's Museum of Idaho, and exploring the Idaho Botanical Garden are just ahead.

Interested in learning more about why Boise families are choosing Au Pair in America?

Contact local representative Alejandra Alvarado at or call/text her at 985-867-0383 to learn more or ask questions!

And check out available Au Pairs here (Boise families receive a discount!): Boise - Au Pair in America - Regional

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