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What Up, Boi?

Updated: May 10, 2022

What's goin on in Boise? Here's a little roundup of sources I look to for information about what's happenin' around town.

Totally Boise: A hyperlocal approach to the Boise life. Connecting Boise area residents, travelers and evangelists to local companies, one of a kind events and unique destinations.

-The best events calendar I've found!

Visit Boise: Boise's Convention and Visitors Bureau

-Download their free visitor's guide - lots of great info!

Hello Meridian: Discovering fantastic things about the Treasure Valley

-Natalie really gets around! She also hosts a local podcast with her husband where they chat all about things around the Treasure Valley.

Boise Bucketlist: Where everyday is a bucket list. Explore the #1 Most Livable City in the US!

-So much to add to our "bucketlist" on here!

It's fun to know about all the fun things happening around Boise! What a fun city to live in! Hashtag blesssssed. Amirite?

+ + +

To be honest though, so much of what I find online isn't really feasible for our family. As much as I love a good Happy Hour or romantic staycation - those things really ain't somethin we can swing with 3 littles in tow, ya know? 😩

Let's make Boise With Kids a guide to what's happenin in Boise that young families can really use, what do you say?

Tag us on social media (@boisewithkids), email us with ideas (, comment on posts, etc. and let's work together to create an amazing resource for Boise families!


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