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Treasure Valley Coffee Shops Near Parks

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I've ever been given is "there's not much that water or fresh air can't solve." When you feel like you're losing your mind or your kids just won't stop fighting, get outside or find some water. Being that it's winter and you can't exactly go swimming or do some "water play" outside, try throwing the kids in a bath and see if it helps reset the mood. And no matter the weather, get outside and let the fresh air breathe new life into you and the kids.

Although it's cold and dreary these days, a quick walk or time spent at a playground are still great options! One of my favorite ways to "reward" myself and/or bribe my kids is to pair the outing with a stop in a local coffee shop. There's just something so cozy and special about grabbing a coffee drink and my kids love getting a pastry or hot chocolate as a special treat.

Not sure where to go in the Treasure Valley to find both a great coffee shop and a park close by? I've got a few suggestions!

-Push & Pour in Garden City + the Greenbelt/Esther Simplot Park

-Alchemist Coffee of 27th Street + Esther Simplot Park/the Greenbelt

-Push & Pour near Downtown + the Greenbelt/Ann Morrison Park

-Roast @ Dawson Taylor in the Lusk District + the Greenbelt/Ann Morrison Park

-Caffeina + Catalpa Park (in the Collister area)

-Royal Coffee Co. (in the Village) + Kleiner Park

What other great coffee + park spots can you think of? Drop them in the comments!


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