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Transplant Tidbit: Idaho DMV Info

Updated: May 10, 2022

Okay... did you know this?? 🤯

If you're moving into Idaho from another state, you need to take a written driver's test to get your Idaho driver's license! Not gonna lie, I was so nervous that I avoided it for as long as I could (you technically have 90 days from when you move here) and then studied the guide book and took online tests for weeks before I took the test. It was a huge relief when I passed on the first try but DANG. Why they gotta make it so rigorous?

Here is some info to help make it easier on you!

Here is a screenshot of the Ada County Driver's License locations and hours but you can double check it all here:

1) Know what you need to bring. I'd call and see if you can talk to a real live human being to make sure that you have all the documentation that you need. The website is confusing and I can't think of anything worse than arriving to take your test and them turning you away because you're missing something. If in doubt, bring all the things. 🤪

I THINK you need your current license or passport (to verify name and birthdate), social security number, and two pieces of mail or bills verifying your local residency/address. Again, call to double check!

Here is a list of things you need specially for the Star Card:

2) See if you can grab a manual. If you can't get your hands on a physical copy there is a digital copy available here:

3) Take some online practice tests! Take this one: Here is a site that might also help. (There is one practice test at the end of the manual listed above.)

4) Set up an appointment when you can go all by yourself. I was told by a friend that you can't take the test with kids in tow (NOT EVEN AN INFANT!) so plan ahead. You can set up the appointment

5) Triple check that you have all of the correct documentation, you're lookin your best and that you have the right amount of payment! Ask about this when you call. Do they accept cash, check or credit cards? Is there a fee for the credit card charge?

HOT TIP: Skip any questions you don’t know the answers to. It'll move the skipped questions to the end of the test. It only requires you to get so many right (I think it's 34?), so when you hit that number of right answers, the test ends.

If you took the test, what was the hardest question? (The "open range" ones were totally new to me! 🐄🙃 )

Whew. That was a lot. Annnnd now we gotta figure out Idaho license plates and titles. 😑

Here's a screenshot of the different County Assessor Motor Vehicle offices and hours but you can double check here:

Again, you have 90 days to get this done when you become a resident of Idaho.

Here's what you need to know and bring:

1) You need to have your vehicle insured ahead of time and bring proof of that.

2) Bring the vehicle being titled and registered. You will need to have the vehicle identification number (VIN) inspected. I think this is usually on the front dash of the vehicle. Someone at the office will come to see if and write down the number.

3) Have the current title and registration with you. If the vehicle has not been titled in your name, be sure the title has been signed over to you by the seller, and that you have a bill of sale from the seller. If the title is being held by a lienholder, bring the lienholder’s name and address. If your title has been lost, you will need to apply for a duplicate title from the state of issuance. Make sure you know which one of these applies to you!

4) Bring your personal identification (like your driver's license or passport).

5) Payment - call and see if they can give you a total of the fees and taxes and ask what forms of payment they take so that you're prepared!

Good luck out there! See ya on the road! 🚘


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