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Transplant Tidbits: Fred Meyer

Updated: May 10, 2022

It might seem super silly to write a whole blog post on a local grocery store chain but I know I'm not the only one who had never heard of Fred Meyer before moving to Idaho. One time, while sitting at Push & Pour coffee shop working on the blog, I overheard a woman asking her friend, "What is this Fred Meyer place? Is it like Costco where you need a membership? I heard you can buy clothes and stuff there!" I had to resist interrupting their conversation to wax poetic about my love for Fred Meyer.

Growing up in the Midwest we had a Kroger brand grocery store chain called Baker's but it's really nothing like Fred Meyer (except they have the same store brands - Kroger, Private Selection, Simple Truth Organic, etc. - and my loyalty card works in both stores). Turns out there are a LOT of chains in the Kroger Family. For instance, there are some Smiths stores throughout Idaho in addition to Fred Meyer.

ANYWAYS... what's so great about it?!

Each store is a little bit different but one of the biggest reasons that people love Fred Meyer is all of the different departments they have. It's mostly groceries but they also have clothing, shoes, toys, hardware, home goods, garden centers, pharmacies, electronics, jewelry sales, and more. It's basically a one stop shop! Plus! They have grocery pickup - something that's completely changed the way I grocery shop. It might just be the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Get it? Get it? Sliced bread... grocery store... lolzzz)

Let's talk about ALL the benefits of joining the Fred Meyer loyalty program.

Membership Perks

GAS - With gas prices always seeming to skyrocket I love getting a gas discount at Fred Meyer. For each 100 points you save 10 cents per gallon of fuel, up to $1 per gallon. Each month is a separate accumulation period and points don't combine. They often have extra deals where if you complete a survey or buy certain products you can get extra cents per gallon off your gas or 2X fuel points so keep an eye out for that!

APP - Just like most things these days, "there's an app for that!" The Fred Meyer app has been a lifesaver for me. Whenever we run out of something I immediately pull up my app and add it to my cart so that I don't forget to put it on my list or add it to my pickup order. There are LOTS of extra "digital coupons" available too that have saved us TONS of money over the years. I really appreciate how easy the app is to navigate and the more you shop, the more it picks up on your buying habits and your go-to items pop up quickly and easily.

COUPONS - Fred Meyer is watching youuuuu. Jk... kind of. Fred Meyer mails out coupons every now and then and they're all usually related to your past purchases. They keep track of the things you buy and send you coupons for those most frequently purchased items. Sort of creepy but honestly it's THE BEST. Every now and then they throw in a special "BEST CUSTOMER" coupon to make you feel real special. You know you're an adult when you get this excited about couponing...

"COMMUNITY REWARDS" - You can log in to your account and add a local charity/non-profit to get a little kickback when you use your rewards card. There are lots of local organizations that you can pick from and all nonprofits will tell you - "every penny counts" - so don't discount your contributions! I was able to add our kids' school to our account.

It's definitely one of our family's favorite places to shop and our go-to grocery store. I feel like the produce quality is typically good and reliable, the savings through coupons and sales seem to really add up quickly, and it's a really great place to kill time when you need to get outta the house (even if you end up spending money!) . I'm always really impressed with the clothing and home goods selection, the kids LOVE the toy aisles and our house has a few awesome plants in it from the Garden Center. Oh! And we get our prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. Again... it's truly a one stop shop!

Our Batboy loves killing time in the Hot Wheels section.

There are lots of locations around the Treasure Valley and I've got to know... is there a "best" one? Tell me what you think! Is Fred Meyer where you shop?

PS... have you seen their newest commercial? ☠️ I thought it was hilarious!


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