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FREE Family Friendly Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho over Spring Break

Updated: May 10, 2022

I'm super excited to introduce you to my friend Mo, owner of the CUTEST Idaho shop called Idaho Bucket List. She's over in Twin Falls and graciously agreed to write up a little guide for you and your family with her favorite FREE recommendations for enjoying Twin Falls over Spring Break. Check it out!

Hi! I’m Mo from the Idaho Bucket List! I love helping people add and check things off of their own Idaho Bucket List. I have a 2 year old who loves to explore with her mama and dada so I was super excited to find Becca’s page, Boise With Kids. We are from Twin Falls, Idaho so I love to read about what Becca and her boys have been doing to get inspiration for our next trip to Boise.

Spring Break is coming up and while we are considering traveling to Boise, I think Boise families should consider traveling to Twin Falls! At just abut 120 miles from the Boise area down I-84 E, Twin Falls is the perfect road trip to a town full of FREE adventures!

Here is a list of our favorite FREE things to do in the Twin Falls area this time of year:

1. Walk across the Perrine Memorial Bridge – Standing at 486 feet off the water, the Perrine Bridge is an architectural beauty. It is the 8th tallest bridge in the United States and attracts visitors from around the world who come to BASE jump from it year-round.

2. Stroll the Canyon Rim Trail – The Canyon Rim Trail is 12.3 miles of paved trail that runs along the edge of the canyon rim with views of the Snake River nearly the entire time. The trail is flat most of the way so it is the perfect place for families to get their legs moving while taking in the scenery. Bikes are welcome along with leashed dogs. I recommend starting your walk at the TF Visitors Center (check out the Perrine Bridge & Visitors Center while you’re there), walk under the bridge and continue walking east as far as you’d like to go!

3. Visit the Twin Falls Love Lock Fence – since you’re going to be walking along the Canyon Rim Trail, you might as well bring a lock to put on the Twin Falls Love Lock Fence! The fence has an amazing view of the Snake River and the Perrine Bridge. To get there, park at the TF Visitors Center and walk west (away from the bridge). You’ll walk about ¼ of a mile and before the trail curves to the left there is a large wood fence on the right. Just look down towards the river and you’ll see the fence! You can walk around the wood fence and down the rocks to get to the fence.

4. Walk behind the Perrine Coulee Waterfall – The Perrine Coulee is a tall, thin waterfall that is chiseled out from the canyon rim wall. It may still be icy this time of year but if you’re careful, it will make for an amazing view and some rad photos! Set your GPS for Centennial Waterfront Park, stop at the first bend in the road on the way down the grade, park on the side of the road that is designated for parking. You’ll see the waterfalls from there! Just hop over the cement barricade (don’t worry, this is all legal, I swear), and carefully make your way down until you’re on the flat area around the falls.

5. Hike the Mogensen Trail – The Mogensen trailhead starts at the next turn of the grade down from the Perrine Coulee. It’s an easy hike through lightly wooded areas, past waterfalls, and along the river. The trail does fork just a few 100 feet into the hike – stick to the left and you’ll be able to go all the way under the Perrine Bridge to the flag and flat spot where BASE jumpers land. Part of the trail does include a tall set of stairs but that’s the most strenuous part of the whole thing.

6. Visit the Shoshone Falls – Historically, spring break has been a perfect time of year to see the roaring waters of Shoshone Falls. During the summer months it costs $5.00 per car to visit the park but since spring break is part of the off season, no fee is required!

7. Hike around Dierkes Lake – While you’re down at Shoshone Falls, you should check out Dierkes Lake, which is the first right, right past the Shoshone Falls toll booth. During the summer months people use the area like a beach; playing in the water, bbq-ing and playing volleyball on the grass, and even fishing off the rocks. If you come during the colder months there is still plenty to do. The Dierkes Lake trail loops all the way around the lake with views of the Snake River on the north side. It does have a few staircases to climb but it’s completely do-able for kids.

8. Learn at the Herrett CenterOnce you get your outdoor fix and want a change of pace, The Herrett Center for Fine Arts is a free museum located on the College of Southern Idaho campus. It’s full of natural history exhibits, astronomy, and art. They also have a planetarium with a variety of shows at reasonable prices. (link: )

Please follow @idahobucketlist on Instagram and Facebook and if you are visiting Twin Falls on a Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm make sure you check out 150 Main at 150 Main Ave. S, Twin Falls, ID 83301 to grab one of the Idaho Bucket List's awesome shirts and other super incredible Southern Idaho made items.

If you get to cross Twin Falls off your Idaho bucket list this spring break, let me know how you enjoyed it!


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