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The 208 Detailers

With August here and school starting in just a few weeks our life seems to be maybe/sorta/kinda slowing down. We went HARD this summer. Summer camps and lessons for the kids, road trips to Sun Valley and McCall, Popsicles in the Park meetups, afternoons at the pool and all the "usual summer fun"in between. So many great memories but we sure did a number on our minivan. Can you relate?

If you're like our family, it's probably time for a really good car clean out which is why I'd love to introduce you to a really amazing local business and the wonderful family behind it.

Sean and Airian McGowan of Meridian started their auto detailing business, The 208 Detailers, because Sean has always been a stickler for cleanliness and enjoyed detailing their family's vehicles. After having their two sons, Zion (2) and Zephyr (almost 1), having a clean car and truck became a hard thing for them to maintain and even harder to fit into their busy family schedule. They realized that their cars were getting VERY MESSY because they were always on the go. Like many local families, they spend the majority of their free time enjoying the four seasons here - skiing, biking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and dirt biking. So as you can imagine, keeping their littles entertained while driving from one adventure to the next always includes a lot of snacks and drinks in the car. They knew they weren't alone in their struggle to keep their cars clean and that there was a need for a family friendly auto detailer service in the area.

Alongside exceptional service their main focus is convenience which makes it ideal for families. Their online booking platform is super easy to navigate and makes booking a breeze. When it's time for your service they bring all of it to you so that you don't have to factor in any travel time. No matter where you are, they bring everything they need, including water and electricity! All they need is your keys.

Their services break into three main categories: 1. Premium Detail (Interior, Exterior, or both) - Their most popular option and a very thorough cleaning. Details of all of the services are on the booking site. 2. Xpress Detail (Interior, Exterior, or both) - A quicker wash/vacuum/wipe down. 3. Monthly Maintenance Wash - This is a detail service that you can opt into once you've had a Full Premium Detail Package. You book every 4-6 weeks and they come out for about an hour each time and maintain that clean car feel for you.

And get this... they're running a special through August 31st for families like ours! They're offering a 10% discount on all of their Interior and Exterior Detail services AND including up to three child car seat cleanings for free for their "Mom Car Special!"

Don't wait! Get in touch with them today and get that vehicle all fresh and clean again!

The 208 Detailers Info: Website:

Instagram: @the.208.detailers

Hours: 7am-7pm everyday but Saturday

Rates: Start at $108 - see booking for detailed pricing information.


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