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Snowshoe and Hot Springs Spots Near Idaho City, ID

I'm most definitely not an expert when it comes to outdoor adventuring but I just had to share about the recent snowshoe and hot springs experience I recently had with a big group of women. My friend Kim, @idahoadventuremom on Instagram, and I have been hosting monthly "Moms Night Out" events for over a year now and for this month's meetup we decided to gather outside Idaho City and do a snowshoe loop followed by a dip at The Springs (a hot springs retreat at Idaho City). We were so excited to have 27 women say "yes" to adventure and come along with us. So many of us had never met and many came solo - eager to connect with other local women!

Okay so a little about this trail and hot springs if you want to replicate our amazing outing. The snowshoe loop we did was called Whoop Em Up. It's located about 18 miles past Idaho City, ID off Highway 21. There's a big parking lot there where you can park your vehicle while you adventure. You need a "Park N' Ski" permit (available through the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation) to use the space. The parking lot can get busy with others there to cross country ski, snowshoe, sled, snowmobile and travel back to the new Idaho Wilderness Yurts. The Whoop Em Up loop is about 2.4 miles long and generally considered a "moderately challenging route." We all definitely overdressed and shed layers throughout our trek. The inclines were well worth the views we got, though!

After we finished our snowshoe adventure we hopped back in our cars and drove back down just past Idaho City to The Springs for a nice soak. You'll need to snag a reservation to soak before you go. They do not allow walk-ins. Reservation windows are 2.5 hours long or you can reserve one of their private tubs and soak for 1 hour by yourself or with up to 3 friends. Right now they are open to all ages on Saturdays from open-7PM and all day Sunday - all other times are 18+.

So whether you head up to Idaho City for a snow adventure with the whole fam, friends or your loved one, try snowshoeing the Whoop Em Up Loop and a warm soak at The Springs! You won't regret it!

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