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Real Life in Boise With Kids: Megan Bert

"Real Life in Boise With Kids" - a weekly series where Boise With Kids will feature real, relatable, normal parents doing awesome things across the Treasure Valley. It'll be a space where local parents can share about their passions and give real, honest, tried and true feedback and tips for living their "best (family) life" in Boise. Hopefully it'll give you a chance to learn more about our community, inspire you to try out new places and activities, and get hooked up with pertinent, useful stuff that will help you and your family to thrive in Boise.

Get ready to meet the "Real Parents of the Treasure Valley" - 😜

If you'd like to share about yourself and be featured in this new series email Becca at We can't wait to learn more about you!


Meet Megan Bert: Megan is the Founder and Head Coach of BoiseBits Kids Run Club & YogiBits for ages 2-9. She is also the proud mom to her active 6-year-old son and wife to her husband of 10 years. A former California middle & high school biology, chemistry and physics teacher of 15 years, she holds her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, a Master's in Education, and is a Cornell certified plant-based nutrition health educator!

After moving to Boise in 2021, she decided to change her career path from classroom teaching and focus on empowering young kids through outdoor physical activity! Megan is a strong believer of movement having a significant impact on the mind, body, and soul. Through BoiseBits, she utilizes her passion for fitness and belief in positive mindset to inspire the youngest of minds. The goal of BoiseBits is to teach all children, no matter how big or small, that they CAN do anything as long as they try. Her program teaches all kids to say and believe in their signature mantra, "I am strong! I am powerful! I am mighty!" (Which kids say out loud while looking themselves in a mirror at the end of each class).

BoiseBits has year-round 8-week seasons with class once a week for 45-minutes. Session locations include parks in Boise, Meridian and Eagle and are currently enrolling for their two 4-week summer seasons. Visit to check out the summer options and visit the Meet the Team tab to learn more about the amazing BoiseBits and YogiBits coaches! Don't forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook and get a glimpse of the program!

Local Family Favorites:

Favorite Family-Friendly Places to Eat:

Being plant-based for 15 years, our favorite local places to eat are:

Best Park/Playground:

Best Part of Life in Boise with Kids:

Having moved from San Diego where there is essentially just one season and primarily beach related activities, Megan and her family have fallen in love with Boise because of all the limitless outdoor activities that change with each season. They enjoy hiking during the Fall and Spring, have developed a passion for skiing in the Winter and LOVE paddle boarding and floating the river in the Summer. Their family has also started mountain biking and enjoys taking walks along the Greenbelt. You will RARELY find them indoors, no matter the weather. They believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

Best “parenting hack”:

For their active lifestyle, Megan's BEST parenting hack is to ALWAYS keep Noka Superfood Smoothie pouches on hand for her son. They call Noka's organic and plant-based smoothies their "emergency pouches" for when their blood sugar levels drop and they start to get hangry. You can never find Megan without a couple in her car or bag. Proper food, or fuel, as she calls it, is so important for any active kid or adult!

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