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Let's Get Connected

Updated: May 10, 2022

One of the biggest reasons that I started Boise With Kids was to CONNECT... connect our family with our new city, to make connections with other local parents, to connect people to places and places to people. I'm a self proclaimed "connection junkie" if you will.

It goes without saying that the past few years have been hard for all of us.

I believe we need each other and connection more than ever.

I just created a Facebook group called Boise With Kids (super original name, I know) so that parents could have a place on Facebook to get information about events, activities and services related to children and families in the Treasure Valley. I'm hoping that this will become the Facebook version of this blog - "a one stop shop for all things related to life in Boise with kids."

If you're a local parent or caregiver I hope that it can be a spot for you to find out about what's going on around town but also be a place where you can ask important questions and get good answers from parents just like you. (Ex: "Do you know of any STEM camps that my middle schooler could do this summer?" or "Who is your favorite pediatric dentist?" or "We have family coming to town this weekend, what can we take them to?"

If you're a local organization or business that has something awesome to offer children and families then I hope this group (and Boise With Kids in general) can be the perfect spot to spread the good news and get you connected to your ideal audience or client. Share Facebook events, special offers and promotions, updates on new programming, etc. and quickly connect with hundreds of local families.

I hope more than anything, though, that you might find some connection in this space. A new friendship! A new program for your family! Perhaps a business connection! Maybe it'll even lead you to finally finding that thing you've been missing - a program, a resource, a specialist, a nanny, "your people" - whatever it might be, I hope it's waiting for you here at Boise With Kids.

I promise that this isn't a sneaky sales pitch - I literally have nothing to sell you - and that this WILL NOT be just another "Facebook mom's group." Lord knows we don't really need any more of those! 🙃

So head over to Facebook, join the group, INVITE ALL OUR PARENT FRIENDS and let's get Boise connected!

What do you say? You in?

-Becca (

I'm honestly not very tech savvy but I think that you can also find the group via this special QR code!

Open the camera app on your phone and hold it up to this code and a link to the FB group should pop up!


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