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Kidz Again - Local Kids Resale

Updated: May 10, 2022

No matter how many times I tell my kids to STOP, they just don't listen. 😠

🛑 THEY WON'T STOP GROWING! 🛑 Why can't they just stay little forever??? Sigh.

Luckily we have Kidz Again out in Meridian to clothe our ever growing family without breaking the bank! Have you been? Kidz Again BUYS and SELLS kid's clothing (of all sizes - infants to teens), shoes, toys, baby equipment and furniture, books, sports equipment, dance supplies, maternity wear, and more! My favorite part is that they are able to sell brand new items from stores/brands like Target, Costco, Lands End, Melissa & Doug, Lonecone and more - all at very discounted prices. Honestly, the majority of clothing items I've bought from here have been things I'd normally buy brand new but for a much cheaper price. BOOM.

Shopping consignment/resale can be super hit or miss but the thrill of finding something for a great deal is just the best. Plus, the inventory is constantly changing so every time you shop is an entirely new adventure. I highly recommend making Kidz Again your first stop when looking for something specific - school uniforms, Halloween costumes, sports equipment, fancy clothes, etc. We've really hit the jackpot on all of the above.

Plus! It's a great way to clean out your kid's drawers, slim down the ever expanding toy collection and really get the most bang for your buck. Besides, ain't nobody got time to organize their stuff, take pictures, post it to Facebook Marketplace, handle the back and forth of messaging and coordinating pickup, etc. all for just a couple of bucks. Right? Let Kidz Again make it easy on ya!

You can't miss the drive-up drop off area!

The buying process is super smooth. They have great hours and lots of staff to go through drop-off items. They have specific parking spots on the side of the building that you can pull into, call the phone number listed and someone will come out with a clipboard to collect your information, grab your items and you're good to go! Depending on how busy they are you can go in to shop while they go through your items or come back later when they're all done. They give you the option of donating the items that they don't take or giving them back to you. You also have the option of getting cash or store credit for your items.


-Make sure everything is CLEAN - clothing has no stains, rips, major fading, etc and toys/ equipment have all the necessary pieces and parts, and everything is sparkling clean.

-Make the items easy to sort through - hang or neatly fold clothing, put small pieces/parts together in Ziplock bags or taped together, sort items by season/size/etc.

-Kidz Again buys for every season, all year round - you don't have to wait to bring in the past season's pile of clothing that doesn't fit anymore - bring it on in!

Kidz Again Details:

Location: 1769 North Lakes Pl, Meridian, Idaho 83646

Hours: Mon-Sat, 9am - 7pm

Instagram: @kidzagain

Facebook: @KidzAgainResale

What kind of clothing or gear are you looking to buy right now? Before you pay full price - give Kidz Again a shot!


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