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Home Depot Kids Workshops in the Treasure Valley

Written By: Melinda of @Welcome_Idahome

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Have you ever found yourself working on a project, craft or meal and heard the words of a little voice plead, “Can I help?” If your house is anything like mine, your kids are always watching you like a hawk and wanting to try everything that you are doing. From hammering nails, to decorating for the holidays, to cooking dinner. They yearn for opportunities to be big, try new things, and create.

Sometimes their participation is actually helpful, but more often than not it requires us as parents letting go of control and our perfectionism in favor of allowing them to learn and experience something new. In the rush of day-to-day that can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming, but if I’ve learned anything in my short 6 years of parenthood, those efforts are so worth it - even though your dinner may not be ready on time.

But what if there was a way to give them full control of a project, with little to no planning or preparation on your part? (I know you’re a busy parent just like me, this could be a game changer!)

There is!

Home Depot has created a fun, free, and easy way to give your kids that opportunity with low stakes and high rewards in their Monthly Kid’s Workshops. Workshops are generally held the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am-12 noon.

What to Expect:

Pop on in to ANY Home Depot store and head to the back of the lumber section to find the workshop. Your children will be greeted by kind workers handing out the month’s kit.

If you’re a first-timer, your builder will be given one of the signature orange aprons. Home Depot has all the tools your little builder will need right there at the ready. Usually it is just a hammer and a screwdriver, and you’ll come back for the paint in a minute.

Find yourselves a spot at one of the plywood work tables they have set up and get to work.

Build. Learn. Create.

We’ve attended two workshops now and the kids have loved every minute of it. They get full control, can learn to follow directions and assemble their project on their own, or with a little assistance from you.

I would say this workshop is great for ages 2 and up, but the younger they are the more assistance they will need. Having an adult assistant for each builder under 5 sure helps. Take the opportunity to teach them proper tool techniques and safety, but let them have creative control and experiment as well. It’s their project!

After they finish the building steps, kids can go back to the table and get the paint colors and brushes needed to put on the finishing touches. They usually have wipes handy for easy clean-up and all the tables are lined with plastic, so don’t worry about making a mess.

Once they finish painting and applying any stickers that come with the kit, it’s all done! They get to step back and admire their work. AND take it home with them.

Each kit also comes with a corresponding pin that they can collect and put on their new orange apron to show each project they have completed. Last week a boy who shared our table probably had 30 pins on his apron. My kids looked at him in awe, a seasoned builder!

Sometimes they have cardboard boxes you can use to transport their project home, since I bet your paint is still drying.

What if you can’t make it in-person during the 9-12 time slot?

You can register ahead of time and come pick up a free kit on the first Saturday of the month to take home and make. Or you can purchase a previous kit for $4.98, while supplies last (Here is a link to purchase the train ornament kit we made a few weeks ago while supplies last!)

How much time should I plan for?

About 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on the speed of your little builder

When is the next workshop?


I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you have about this or anything DIY or kids related. You can find me on Instagram @welcome_idahome or on Facebook at Welcome_Idahome.

AND if you are looking for more ways to get your kids excited about DIY and imaginative play below are a few of our favorite toys that help light the spark in your budding builder.

  1. Magnet Tiles: these are the most played with toy at our house. My girls have played with them EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 5 years. If you can only have one toy, make it be this. Hours and hours of open-ended imaginative play.

  2. Workbench and Tool Set (black and orange): whenever we are working on a project involving tools, the kids always go grab their tool box. They learn first by mimicking and having safe tools for them to use is key.

  3. Wooden ToolBox Set (Montessori): if that first tool set wasn’t really your style, this wooden set is basic but comes with lots of loose parts for building and creating.

  4. Brain Flakes: 500 piece set that interlock and can create all sorts of things. The options are endless, and the kids have loved these!

  5. Parhlen Building Blocks with electric Drill: this set comes with many examples of things kids can build and instructions. They love using the electric screwdriver and can build 2D or 3D creations.


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