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Getting Outside With Kids in the Treasure Valley

Updated: May 10, 2022

Our family loves to get outside. When we lived in Pocatello you could often find us on a walk or little hike, biking around, spending evenings around the fire pit in our backyard, skiing in the winter and camping in the summer. Our "Happy Place" was Scout Mountain where we'd go frequently to claim a campsite, roast some hotdogs and marshmallows and hike to our favorite lookout to watch the sun set. We loved it so much we named our dog after it. I can't wait to take our Scout to Scout Mountain someday!

ANYWAYS, having recently moved to the Treasure Valley we haven't found a new, local "happy place" to replace our beloved Scout Mountain. We also haven't had much opportunity to get out and explore the best spots close to home. I don't even really know where to look to find out where to go adventuring.

When I started the Boise With Kids Instagram account I discovered a few local mamas who are so great at getting their kids outside and exploring in the Treasure Valley. Following them has inspired our family to get out and explore and since getting tips for adventuring outside with kids is a common request I get at Boise With Kids I thought it'd be good to introduce you to them!

Meet Holly (@allweatheradventuring), Stephanie (@thebackpackingmom) and Kim (@idahoadventuremom)!

I asked them a few questions to help you get to know them and to get some hot tips for getting outside with kids in the Treasure Valley.

Q: How long have you lived in the Treasure Valley?

Holly: Short answer: about two and a half years. Long answer: my family moved here when I was 13 and I lived here until I went to college. After getting married, my husband and I lived in Washington state for about 10 years and then moved to Boise in August of 2019. Being here as an adult/mom is completely different and I have truly loved exploring and discovering this beautiful area with my family!

Stephanie: I have lived in the Treasure Valley for 8 years now.

Kim: Just over 8 years, I moved here with my husband after college at University of Idaho.

Q: What's your favorite way to "get outside" with your kids?

Holly: For a quick outing, I love the Boise Greenbelt! We either walk or we take our bikes or the kids take their scooters and we love playing at the river together. For a bigger outing, we love going to the mountains! Hiking with my kids is probably one of my favorite things, especially when we're exploring a new trail.

Stephanie: My favorite way to get outside with kids is backpacking and climbing mountains.

Kim: We love camping, hiking and spending time near water, particularly the Boise River.

Q: Tell us about your favorite "kid friendly hike" in the area.

Holly: I know it's a popular one, but I love Camel's Back! There are so many trails to explore between there and Hulls Gulch. I actually created a few hiking guides with activities for kids along the way for some local trails. You can check them out on my Etsy shop!

Stephanie: My favorite kid friendly hikes are either Juniper Gulch (in Oregon - about a 1-2 hour drive), or the Stack Rock Trail near bogus basin.

Kim: Jump Creek Falls out past Marsing, about 1 hour from Boise. It is a short hike, yet so diverse in landscape and has an awesome little waterfall.

Q: Where is your favorite place to camp within a few hours of Boise?

Holly: Stanley area. Hands down. We have camped at Pettit Lake (first come first serve) and we have also scored some awesome dispersed camping spots along the highway up there. The Sawtooth Mountains are my favorite!

Stephanie: I love camping close to the Sawtooths at Redfish or Stanley Lakes in Stanley, Idaho or camping around Cascade Lake in Cascade or Donelly, Idaho.

Kim: Anywhere in the Sawtooths but our favorite is anywhere near Redfish Lake outside of Stanley.

Q: Tell us about your Instagram account!

Holly: I created my account to share our family adventures, both big and small, and to hopefully inspire other families to get out and adventure more together! Being out in nature as a family has been so amazing for each of us individually, as well as a great time to bond as a family. On my Instagram account, I share a variety of things: local outdoor spots to explore, tips for adventuring with kids, inspiration to get outside, and some of the resources I have created to help get kids excited about nature! You can check out all of my stuff on Etsy!

Stephanie: My Instagram account is @thebackpackingmom. This page is devoted to providing resources for gear, trip reports, and travel inspiration for adventures with kids. I also share a lot about the realities of our trips, and the many challenges we encounter. It’s important to know that none of it is easy, but the memories created together and the time spent away from screens is well worth all the effort.

Kim: I hope to inspire moms to push out of their comfort zone and enjoy the outdoors for themselves, as well as with their families. Nature is for everyone, and through proper education and preparedness, we can all enjoy it with confidence for the rest of our lives.

So head over to Instagram and give them a follow. You'll love all of their tips and recommendations for getting outside with kids in the Treasure Valley!

See you out there! 🌲


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