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Garden City/Collister Area Parks

The more I discover, the more I am insanely impressed with the park options we have across the Treasure Valley. There are so many and they're SO GOOD. Did you know that you can use the Boise Parks and Recreation website to search for parks with playgrounds? When you filter the search for playgrounds there are 53! And that's just in Boise!

My friend Holly over at @allweatheradventuring and I have been trying to get out with our kiddos and explore new parks together. Afterwards Holly puts together fun Reels on Instagram with pictures and videos of the parks and lots of great info about each one in the captions. Since not everyone is over on Instagram to see these little "park roundups" I thought it'd be good to post about them on the website too.

Pro tip: Using the Boise With Kids Park Report Card is a great way to remember which parks your family loves (or hates) as you explore!

So here goes... here are some of our favorites in the Garden City/Collister-ish area.

🌳 Catalpa Park

-large playground structure, fun for kids of all ages

-lots of green space to run around

-sidewalk around the perimeter for walking, biking or scootering

-picnic shelter

-sand volleyball court

-tennis court

-basketball court

-horseshoe pit

-next to an elementary school, so that’s a bonus playground when school isn’t in session!

🌳 Castle Hills Park

-lots of unique play structures, including a “spider web” and other fun climbing structures

-only 2 baby swings

-tennis courts

-pickleball court

-lots of green space

-something to note: there is a designated off-leash dog area, for the selected hours of before 10am in the morning and after 4pm. Just something to keep in mind if you have a dog of your own or your child is allergic to or afraid of dogs!

🌳 Veterans Memorial Park

-big play structures, with lots of slides and options for big kids and smaller kids

-picnic shelter

-restrooms are open YEAR ROUND at this park 🙌

-access to the Boise River Greenbelt with miles of walking/biking paths

-heading southeast along the Greenbelt will take you to….

🌳 Esther Simplot Park

-very simple play structure, including rocks, cement slides, and colorful poles

-great swimming spot in the summer!

-right along the Boise River, with sandy spots to stop and swim

-the whitewater wave is a bit further south along the Greenbelt and is a great spot to watch surfers and kayakers take on the river wave!

This is definitely not a complete list of options in this general area but a great place to start! Which is your family's favorite?


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