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Life is pretty dang good here in the Treasure Valley. Not only is it a beautiful place to call home but our community is strong and vibrant, generous and compassionate. There are so many wonderful opportunities for families to thrive here. But let's be real... it's not always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes hardship hits us without warning and leaves us searching for support. Help is often just around the corner but how do we find it?

I was recently introduced to a really incredible new online resource and wanted to share it with you. It's something I think every single Idahoan can gain something from but also a great resource to keep in your back pocket whenever you or someone you know finds themself in a place of particular need. is a website that connects folks to all sorts of free and reduced-cost services in their local community. This could be childcare, healthcare, school supplies, free lunches, and even financial assistance. New programs are being added daily and all the programs are reviewed every six months so you can be assured that the information is reliable and current. The site makes the process of finding services quick and easy while being totally free and confidential.

This website really is a "one stop shop" directory of all the information you might need and provides customized search results to each person based on their location. On the homepage you'll be prompted to enter your zip code and it will populate a list of resources in ten big categories like Food, Housing, Transit, Health, Legal, etc. You can then browse services in each category and even filter it down further to find exactly what you need, right in your backyard.

There is help and hope out there. Go check it out and see for yourself!

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Jan 27, 2023

Great resource!

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