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Cottonwood Creek Trail in the Military Reserve

Have you been to the Military Reserve here in Boise? It’s a really cool spot for hiking, biking and a hot spot for family photos! We had ours taken there last Fall and they are my absolute favorite photos we've ever had taken and a lot of that has to do with the gorgeous backdrop! I mean just look at these three...

Last week I tried out a new trail called Cottonwood Creek with my 2 year old on my back. I’m always on the hunt for “toddler or kid-friendly” trails so wanted to highlight this one. I posted this info on Instagram and it was really popular so thought it deserved a spot on the website as well.

-1.5 mile loop of sandy trails

-mix of open and tree covered

-takes an ave. of 30 minutes to complete (although definitely longer with little stops or little legs). I carried my 2 year old in my backpack carrier but he probably could have done a big chunk of it on his own if he wanted to.

-very flat (less than 100 ft of elevation gain)

-popular spot so look out for bikers, hikers and dog walkers

-parking off Mountain Cove Rd, not super far from the bike park

-I pulled up the trail on the AllTrails app but it's pretty straightforward. We just walked straight from the parking area down Toll Rd Trail to Cottonwood Creek.

Towards the end of the loop there is a steep trail of stairs that goes up to a really fun lookout over Downtown Boise! Totally optional but we couldn’t resist checking it out! Highly recommend if your crew can handle the extra, steep stairs.

We've got a list of kid/toddler friendly hikes to try and will be sure to highlight our favorites - stay tuned!

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Oct 19, 2022

Love hiking the trails with you!!

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