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Can you help me out?

I started Boise With Kids in January with soOoOoOoOo many ideas but no real clue what I was doing. After reaching out to and connecting with a few moms who run similar online resources in other cities, I decided to follow their advice and just "go for it"and see what happens. So I did! I went all in and haven't looked back! It's only been three months but feels like fOrEvEr.

I had no idea what a real passion project this would become for me and I'm so THRILLED to watch it grow and reach so many local families. I know internet people say it all the time but literally every single like, share, save, comment, new blog subscription, positive feedback, etc. etc. etc. that Boise With Kids gets brings me!

But here's the thing. I'm a full-time mom of three which, as you all know so well, means my schedule and my time are rarely "my own." So I want to take a minute to slow my roll (do people still say that?!) and make sure I'm on the right path with alllllll the ideas I have swirling around in my head.

So can you help a sista out?

I'm hoping that I can get some feedback from Boise With Kid readers to help me direct my time and energy into providing content and resources that local families really truly want to read about.

Help me help you!

I created a little survey to get to know YOU and what your life is like and to get your feedback on what things you're likin' and what kinds of ideas or suggestions you have for making Boise With Kids the amazing resource I think it can be. I know you have 100 other things that you could spend your time on right now so I can't reiterate enough just how grateful I'd be if you'd take the time to give me this feedback!

Here's the link! It's a quick Google Form -

And as always, I'd be thrilled to connect - DM me on social media or email me at

THANK YOU! I owe ya!


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