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Boise With Kids Turns Two

Updated: Jan 7

Dear BWK readers, 

In December of 2021 my family had flown back to the Midwest to celebrate the holidays with our extended family when a few days into the trip our middle came down with a fever. Despite all our best efforts our crew had gotten "the vid" and we were stuck for a few extra days in Michigan City, Indiana. It super sucked but it also gave me the time to turn a dream into a reality.

The idea of Boise With Kids had been swirling around in my head for months and on January 1, 2022 I clicked "buy" on the website name and officially began this business. With a deep desire to connect to the local Treasure Valley community and to help other families do the same, Boise With Kids was born.

I've always been a self-proclaimed "connection junkie" and after learning about something called "Milwaukee With Kids" in Wisconsin and connecting with the founder, I knew I wanted to do something similar in Boise. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but after all kinds of encouragement from friends and family I took Milwaukee With Kids's founder's advice to "just start" and dove right in.

Fast forward two years and I'm back with family in the Midwest for the holidays (luckily not stuck with Covid - although one of my brothers (who were were just with) just texted that his kids have lice and another one said that half of his family have fevers - wish us luck.) and it's mind blowing to think about how much has happened since that fateful day in 2022.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

It really stops me in my tracks when I take a moment to realize that I created all of this from scratch. It hasn’t always been pretty but man am I proud.

Without any design or website experience I made the original logo and put together the website all on my own. Luckily there are a lot of website templates out there and I had Milwaukee With Kids to model it after because I'm REALLY not that tech savvy. I kicked it all off by writing "blog posts" that stemmed from my new-to-the-Treasure-Valley experiences (like my love for Fred Meyer!) and kicked off my accounts on Instagram and Facebook to help push back to the website. 

One of the biggest pieces of BWK is the family-friendly community events calendar on the website. It’s really unlike anything else out there and by far the most visited page on the site. I love that it’s a "one-stop-shop" for planning ways to get outta the house with littles or showing off all that our amazing community has to offer to friends and family who are visiting. It's used regularly by parents, grandparents, nannies, social workers, teachers and more.

Speaking of “one-stop-shop” I have loved putting together “BWK Guides” for various hot topics over the past year and a half since the first ones came out. All the information that local parents/families are looking for, all in one place. It’s been so helpful to have a ready to go list of local recommendations to share when asked for things like extracurricular activities, summer camps, birthday parties, sports, seasonal fun, household services and more. I’ve got a handful of other ones I’d love to put together! Send me ideas if you have them!

The Guides were the reason why I was first invited onto the Wake Up Idaho KTVB news show! While I always downplay it with “it’s probably just a slow news day” it has been so fun and a true honor to be able to share about BWK in this unique way a handful of times over the past two years. Plus Maggie O’Mara is an amazing mom and wonderful community member who I admire so much!

Just after celebrating one year of BWK my friend Airian and I launched our first workshop. Were you around for those? We had such a blast organizing an outing for local parents to have fun, connect with others and learn a thing or two. We’ve hosted three workshops (Makeup + Glamour Shots, Declutter Like A Mother and Idaho Grown) and have plans to do more… not that we have an already overflowing plate or anything. Lolzzz.

Speaking of bringing parents together, the monthly “Moms Night Out” meetups that my friend Kim (@idahoadventuremom) and I have been hosting for over a year now have been such a blast. Every month we get to meet new women and try out new local spots. Being able to provide a totally no strings attached meetup to those looking for community is really cool. Moms, I hope you’ve been able to join us at one or will this year!

One big 2023 highlight was that my logo and “branding” got a lil makeover. I just love the new logo and am excited to bring it to life with some “swag” and other fun products soon! Stay tuuuuuned!

Another fun part of 2023 was connecting with the local radio station Magic 97.9 and getting to call in each week and share a quick roundup of weekend events. I definitely “have a face for radio” so it works out well!

One of my personal favorite parts of running Boise With Kids has been getting to meet so many amazing local business owners and other Treasure Valley content creators/influencers. So many have turned into dear friends and since I spend so much of my time working solo, having others to "talk shop" with and collaborate with is always a real special treat.

I have to give a big shout-out to my friend Holly (@allweatheradventuring) for being one of those "co-workers." In 2022 we collaborated on a regular "Trail Tuesday" feature and this past summer we had a blast highlighting 20 of the Treasure Valley's very best playgrounds. We even put all of that work and content into a downloadable version so that it can ALL be at your fingertips and you don't have to go back and scroll through Instagram to find the parks you're looking for. We can't wait for the weather to get nice to get back out and explore more parks together again!

This year I’ve also introduced some brand new voices and experiences through "guest writing" and I am SO excited to continue this moving forward! It’s so great to hear from others about their Treasure Valley experiences. I’ve never wanted this whole thing to be about me, my family and our experiences alone so this has been a dream come true and adds major value to BWK. Let me know if you wanna write!

Throughout it all, BWK’s audience has consistently grown. It will NEVER not blow my mind that there are literally THOUSANDS of strangers who engage with BWK in some way on a regular basis. It is so overwhelming and such an honor. A role I don't take for granted or take lightly.

To be really honest and a little vulnerable, after dealing with what feels like endless sicknesses for my fam over the past month, doing some big travel, getting through the holidays and just general feeling the parenting and business-owning overwhelm, I’m struggling to find the capacity to really reflect more extensively on what Boise With Kids is/has been or set grandiose goals for the future of it all. I'm just kinda treading water and trying to keep things going. I'm sure you can relate!

But despite it all, I’m excited to continue improving and growing Boise With Kids and am forever grateful for the love, support and encouragement along the way. Every like, comment, share, save, email subscription or forwarded weekly roundup, DM, email, feedback and shoutout mean the world and do so much to encourage me to continue doing what I do.

Cheers to two years and all the fun ahead!

With gratitude, 


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