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A Special Yoga Practice for Local Moms

When I was pregnant with my middle child we were living in Omaha, Nebraska and I was a member of a small, local fitness studio called Well Mama. It offered classes like barre, yoga, HIIT workouts, stroller classes and more for local moms. It was an incredible community of women and it had a huge impact on me in many ways. For one, it was the first time in my life that I really exercised regularly and the strongest I think I've ever felt in my new, ever-changing "mom bod." The welcoming and supportive nature of that group of women and that facility was unmatched. Moms of all stages and ages, shapes and sizes would gather there to move their bodies, reconnect with themselves and be supported in both their motherhood and fitness journeys.

My little workout buddy at a class at Well Mama!

Needless to say, pre- and postnatal exercise and support is something really special and important to me and something I hope ALL mothers are able to experience. I am super excited to have found a wonderful resource for this here in Boise and thrilled to be able to share more about a special yoga practice for moms on Boise With Kids.

Meet Jillian Woods - mom of three, living in Boise and sharing her gift of teaching yoga with our community. With years of yoga training with a focus on prenatal and postnatal practices under her belt she loves working with mothers and is honored to take this special journey with them. She told me that working with mothers is something she enjoys with all her being and that "tuning into her own maternal spirit has been invaluable" and strengthened her skills as a teacher. She's a nurturer at her core - a gentle and trusted guide for those on their motherhood journey and a true mentor to them along the way.

Her current class lineup has something for all moms. Which class best fits you?

-Prenatal Yoga// Mondays 6:30 pm at the Zen Spot and on ZOOM-$15 (sign up on website) Yoga is an excellent exercise option during pregnancy. It can help to soothe your aches and pains, help to reduce stress, teach you to relax, and help prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. -Postnatal Yoga// Coming this Fall on Monday mornings at Rootz Zero Cafe Meet the babies of your prenatal classmates by returning for our postnatal yoga classes. This class is designed to balance and restore the physical needs of the new mother and baby. -Flow & Restore// Sundays 1x/month-$40 (sign up on website) This class is a special 2 hour yoga practice featuring 40 minutes of flow-style yoga asana, 60 minutes of restorative postures, and a full 20 minute relaxation pose. Essential oils, a short head massage and hot tea top off the class to leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Learn more about Jillian and her classes on her website and on Instagram and spread the word to all your mama friends. See you on the mat, soon!

Jillian Woods Yoga Info:


< Sama Yama 200 Hour Teacher Training, Washington DC 2007 > < Mamaste Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Oklahoma City, OK 2010 > < Mamaste Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, Oklahoma City, OK 2011 > < Samatva Yoga for Renewal/Yoga for Women Teacher Training, Oklahoma City, OK 2012> < DONA Doula Certification, Oklahoma City, OK 2009 > < Prescriptive Practices Continuing Education, Tulsa, OK, 2019 >


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