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A North End Stroll With Kids

One of our favorite areas in Boise is the North End. It's been our family's go-to spot whenever we want to get out of the house or have visitors in town and want to take them somewhere special. Just north of downtown Boise, the tree lined streets of this area are full of beautiful homes with lots of character. One of the main thorough-ways is the famous Harrison Boulevard which is the BEST in October when almost every home puts out an incredible Halloween display. It's a Fall "must" to visit at least once!

Here are our top recommendations for your next North End stroll with kids:

-Highly recommend starting on the edge of the Hyde Park district. This area around 13th Street is home to lots of cute shops and restaurants and a hub of activity. We usually come into the area heading north on 13th and find street parking either on 13th or by turning onto Alturas or Eastman streets. Be prepared to parallel park or park a street or two off 13th and walk. There are lots of great sidewalks so it's easy to navigate with a stroller or kids on scooters or bikes.

-Our absolute favorite spot for coffee and a treat or to-go meal is Certified Kitchen and Bakery. Highly, highly, highly recommend literally everything on their menu. The breakfast sandwich is perfection and the baked goods are out of this world. We usually grab some things from there, stick them in the stroller and continue down 13th to Camel's Back Park (at the intersection of 13th and Heron) for a little picnic.

-There are two other great choices for grabbing coffee or other yummy drinks/baked goods on 13th. Hyde Perk is always poppin and they have a great little corner for kids with a chalkboard and kid-sized seating. Java Hyde Park is an Idaho fave (they have multiple locations) located next to the Sinclair gas station (and giant green dinosaur) off 13th and Brumback.

-If it's warm and you've bribed your kids with ice cream then you'll love the old fashioned ice cream parlor feel of Goody's Soda Fountain. It's perfectly paired next door to G. Willikers Toy Merchant - an adorable toy shop with floor to ceiling items for kids of all ages (and some fun for adults too!).

-Boise's famous Camel's Back Park is at the end of 13th and an easy walk from Hyde Park. Camel's Back has a giant hill that you can walk/hike up and get incredible views of the city. The side and back of the hill are a popular spot for hiking and biking. The hike up is not stroller friendly and is pretty steep but not too long. There are stairs up the middle or sandy trails on the left and right. The park also has a big playground with options for all ages. My littles have loved the toddler-sized areas and the swings (there are both infant and normal swings). There is also one of those "outdoor gym" setups next to the playground that kids love messing around on and a public bathroom and water fountain. The park has a lot of of green space for frisbee, kites, soccer, etc. as well as a sand volleyball court and tennis courts. If you go straight to the park or want to start there then walk to Hyde Park, there is a small parking lot off Heron and 13th and street parking on the streets surrounding it.

There are many other great spots to highlight in the North End and Hyde Park area but we'll save those for another day! For now, grab the diaper bag and a friend and enjoy hitting up some of our recommended spots on your next stroll through the North End!


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