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5 Indoor Outings with Kids in the Treasure Valley

Rainy, snowy, dreary or cold days in the Treasure Valley don't have to put a damper on your plans – in fact, they can be the perfect excuse to embark on an indoor outing that is as exciting as it is diverse. Rain or shine, the Treasure Valley is brimming with fun indoor options waiting to be enjoyed!

Here are five of our top recommendations:

1. Library Lounging: Who else loves the smell of books on a rainy day? Head over to your local library and let the kiddos roam among the shelves. It's not just about the books (although there are plenty of those) - our local libraries host cool events like storytime or craft sessions, so you can turn a rainy day into a literary party!

2. Indoor Play Palooza: When the weather's got you down, it's time to turn up the fun indoors! Places like Planet Kid in Boise and Jabbers in Nampa are our go-to spots for indoor playtime extravaganzas. Think ball pits, slides, and rides – the stuff kid-dreams are made of! Plus, it's a win-win: the kids burn off energy, and you get to chill for a bit. AND they both have great food and drink options!

Indoor play place

3. Membership Magic: Got memberships to local gems like the Children's Museum of Idaho, Idaho State Museum, the Discovery Center, or even Costco (lol)? Well, rainy days just became your VIP pass to indoor fun! These places are full of hands-on fun and learning. Get ready to explore, discover, and maybe even learn a thing or two! Winning!

Two young boys looking at a two headed calf on display in a museum.

4. Capitol Adventures: Who says you can't mix a little history and government with your rainy day escapades? Take a trip to the Idaho State Capitol in Boise and unleash your inner history buff. Interactive exhibits, majestic architecture – it's such a special place! And hey, if you're feeling extra curious, swing by the Idaho State Museum afterwards for a deeper dive into Idaho's past. The basement level is especially perfect for little learners!

Three boys standing together in front of the Idaho State capitol

5. YMCA Splash Zone: When it's raining cats and dogs outside, why not make a splash indoors? Grab a day pass at one of our local YMCA locations and dive into their awesome indoor pools. It's like a mini tropical getaway right in the heart of the Treasure Valley! Let the kids unleash their inner mermaids and pirates (and wear themselves out!). You can't beat having water-filled fun with the whole fam!

So, there you have it – dreary day solutions that'll have you singing in the rain! ;) Whether your indoor outing has you cozying up with a book, getting wild at an indoor playground, making good use of a family membership, uncovering the secrets of Idaho's history, or making a splash at the YMCA, there's no shortage of indoor fun in the Treasure Valley. Rain or shine, go make some memories!


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