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Your #1 resource for everything kid-related
in the Treasure Valley.

Meet your go-to guide.

Whether you are new to the area or experiencing Boise in a new way now that you have kids, Boise With Kids is your new best friend. We’re a one-stop-shop that connects you to the best family- friendly events, activities, and services in the Treasure Valley. No more endless Googling or feeling out of the loop.


We’ve got you.

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Check out our Guides.

All the information you want, all in one place.


We've done the research and rounded things up into directories for easy access. Use our Guides to get connected to some of the best options in the Treasure Valley for kid activities, epic birthday party options, services for the whole family, family-friendly restaurants and now, summer camps!

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"I check your site almost every single day! I really can't say how thankful we are to have found your account. And we tell all of our friends with littles about it too!"
-Jamie J.
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